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My name is Melissa Sattenspiel and I am the owner of Lux Bookkeeping. I am thorough, dependable, and accurate. Bizarre as it may sound, I actually enjoy accounting and run my business with honesty and integrity, always keeping the best interest of my clients in mind.

I have been a public accountant and bookkeeper helping small businesses and the self-employed with their finances since 2001. I started using QuickBooks then as well, and am able to use all versions since. I use this knowledge to guide our bookkeepers and clients toward full utilization of the program, leading to less waste, reduced expenses, and more time focused on your business. Used correctly, QuickBooks can be a tool to help you guide your business toward greater profitability each year.

I hope that Lux Bookkeeping will be a valuable partner to you and your small business.

– Melissa Sattenspiel

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Melissa Sattenspiel's educational efforts have been focused on accounting and small business management, always coupled together. Because of this she has a unique perspective on bookkeeping with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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