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QuickBooks services include bookkeeping, reconciliation, and financial reports

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Bookkeeping can be painless, easy, and accurate using our detailed process. Let us show you how.

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Services Overview

Lux Bookkeeping specializes in helping small businesses get their finances organized using the very popular software QuickBooks, from Intuit.

QuickBooks can be easy to use, accurate, and a powerful reporting tool for record keeping. Our bookkeepers specialize in QuickBooks bookkeeping and can help you fully utilize all functions of the program.

Learn details about the services we offer.

QuickBooks Bookkeeping Administration
  • File set-up
  • Maintain your file correctly
  • Full invoicing & A/R
  • Reports
  • Training
  • Utilize the full potential of this popular software
  • Set up & maintain a filing system
  • Customized documents & forms
  • Organize your business clutter

Why Hire a Bookkeeper?

There are many good reasons to hire a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers take all of your sales, expense receipts, and other financial paperwork, analyze the data and condense it down to just a few short reports. These reports will help you monitor your business's progress and growth, show real profits (hopefully not losses), and can aid you in planning the future of your small business.

So, why don't entrepreneurs hire a bookkeeper? There are two main reasons: lack of time and fear that they can't afford bookkeeping. Many business owners plan to do their accounting themselves, but never find the time to devote to doing it right, or at all. So good intentions end up being a pile of messy papers!

Now you may realize that you need to hire a bookkeeper, but are afraid that it will be too expensive. A primary goal at Lux Bookkeeping is to make our bookkeeping services affordable for small businesses and the self-employed.

Bookkeeping Process

Our detailed and effective process will help you get your business or personal finances organized:

  1. De-clutter your work area
    1. Free up your workspace once and for all so that you can find peace of mind, and your red stapler!
    2. Make space to have everything in its place
  2. Sort, organize, and file your paperwork
    1. Shred unneeded paperwork
    2. Create and maintain a filing system customized to your needs
    3. Custom document and form creation
  3. Set up or clean up your QuickBooks file and chart of accounts
  4. Full-charge bookkeeping: Find and record your transactions, receipts, bills, and other financial data
  5. Reconcile each account to ensure accurate information
  6. Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
    1. Customized invoices, estimates, purchase orders and statements
    2. Bill paying and check writing/printing
    3. Create an inventory system, including customized purchase orders
    4. Collections process development and maintenance
    5. Email integration
  7. Budget creation and cash flow management
  8. Financial statements and customized reports
    1. Learn to read financial statements, such as a Profit and Loss and a Balance Sheet report
    2. Understand where your money goes and where it comes from, and how to maximize each
    3. Gain knowledge to make informed business decisions
  9. Guide your business towards profit and success