Business Profile –  Lux Bookkeeping

Lux Bookkeeping was officially established in March of 2006. I started this business when I realized that many small businesses don’t have proper bookkeeping systems, and if they do, they are not utilizing the information that it produces to its fullest potential (if at all!). There is a need in the community for smart, committed bookkeepers and public accountants with a strong working knowledge of QuickBooks bookkeeping who are willing to help clients that do not require a full-time bookkeeper, but want full-charge services.

Many small business owners purchase Intuit QuickBooks to manage their finances because it promises to be an easy solution. However, they quickly discover that they need help getting the system started and organized correctly, and may even need help maintaining their bookkeeping because they do not have the staff or personal time commitment to dedicate to this task.

With this in mind I started this business to help entrepreneurs in California properly manage their business’ books using QuickBooks. I have worked hard to maintain the best possible customer service from the very beginning, and because of this I have a very low client turnover rate. Many of my clients have been with me since the beginning.

I look forward to continued growth, letting my clients steer me toward success. I am excited to offer bookkeeping services to the California small business community and support the entrepreneurial and self-employed lifestyle.

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